A few months ago I was pleased to announce my new offering, Women Write Now! This is a safe and stimulating writing experience for women who want to strengthen their writing voice and skills. Our first class was a great success, and we will be continuing with our second class starting on Saturday, July 12. With a maximum of 6 participants, we spend two hours with focused activities: responses to a submission by one of our members;  lessons on some element of the craft, such as choosing and developing the voice, forming scintillating sentences, developing the power of the metaphor. The chemistry of the group is a delightful  dynamic. The circle is supportive, fun, and creatively challenging.

I am  Adriana Diaz, MA: a seasoned teacher and certified life coach, published author, and visual artist. Call me to register, or if you’d like to know more: 510 530- 4182

Here are the basics: Women Write Now! Six weeks long, $200, plus a small fee for copies. We meet in my Oakland home. There is room for just two more participants.