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Writing Big Ideas…

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Whether you are a seasoned writer, or new to the world of words, we all dread getting started. We share the stress of finding exactly the right words, organized in precisely the right sequence to convey the thought we want to express. The motivation to write is different for everyone, but for simplicity sake, I will give you three options: start at the end start in the middle start at the beginning ...start already!

Step into Your Story…Your legacy…Your HERstory

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In honor of Women’s History Month, please join me for a workshop I've designed just for YOU on Sunday, March 5, 2-4 p.m. on the beautiful California Coastside. Step Into Your Story - Living Your Legacy - Your HerStory We're going to explore Stepping into Your Story and Living Your Legacy. Yes, I did mean to say Living Your Legacy because I think what we do in everyday life is just as important as anything we will leave behind. Polish your words of wisdom and share your story...your personal journey...your HERstory. We'll discuss how your personal story is a vital part of the universal story.

Change the World with Your Words

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Writing is a necessary and vital component of your business, but somewhere in the past you may have been told that you couldn’t write. So now, you are hesitant, reluctant, or even afraid of writing about your passion. And that’s what writing about your business is. You are sharing your passion with readers in order to help them understand why you are doing what you do and feel the way you feel. Not rocket science. Definitely something everyone is equipped to do once you relax and allow the words to come.