What is important to you right now?

How do you spend your time? What are you passionate about? You live your Legacy every day of your life. I’m passionate that you embrace the fact your story has value! My mission is to support you to claim your voice and deliver the message you are here to share with the world.

Writing is how I tap into my creativity and give voice to my message on a daily basis. I start my day with a pot of tea, my journal along with my favorite fountain pen, and a collection of inspirational reading material.

Some folks find letter writing to be their favorite way to journal. Unsent letters are one way, Anne Frank addressed her thoughts to “Dear Kitty,” you could do something similar. That was her story. Tell Your Story. Don’t worry that you need a new program for your computer, or a fancy leather bound journal to record your thoughts. Registration for this workshop includes all materials necessary to start your story journey.

Worried you won’t know what to say? Wondering how to “do” this writing thing? We’re going to cover all of that at the workshop.

Hurry! Space is limited, so don’t miss this opportunity to Step Into Your Story and Unleash Your Story Worth Writing!