There is nothing more powerful as a business woman than knowing how to stand up and out…with who you are and what you sell. In this day and Internet age, it is even more critical. Your desire to attract your market, achieve more, and make the money you deserve is real. You just need a plan.

  • Are you a woman who isn’t sure you have a story that will work for your market?
  • Is your head in the way from reaching the next level of success?
  • Do you struggle with finding your compelling story to be part of your business brand?
  • Have you achieved some success in your business, but desire to take it to the next level?
  • Are you tired of sounding like everyone else that does what you do, and want a unique way to stand out?
  • Do you know writing would catapult what you do, but struggle to find the words?

This workshop will show you how to craft what you say and write to take you to the next level of marketing versus just using activities such as Twitter and Facebook. If you are a high achieving entrepreneur who is feeling some success but know you deserve more and are willing to look at unique compelling ways to take it to the next level, then this workshop is for you.

Whether you are:

  • for-profit or nonprofit
  • product or service
  • 1099 contractor
  • entrepreneur or corporate leader
  • in direct sales

You will learn:

  • OMG! What does it take to really publish?
  • Three techniques to open the writing floodgates inside you.
  • Insights to finding your compelling story and how it truly relates to your brand message.
  • How the right storytelling will build more opportunity for your bottom-line.
  • How marketing and writing will catapult your business sales success.
  • Strategies to develop a plan for marketing success.
  • Insights into speaking and writing as the secret to grow your business to the next level.

Meet Your Instructors:

CCD 001Candace Davenport spent over thirty years as an attorney representing disabled people. After retiring, she become a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist and wrote The Little Book of Identity Theft. However, when no publisher would publish her book in the size and style she wanted, she decided to just do it herself and, in 2008, started Our Little Books publishing company.

Currently, Our Little Books is the go-to company for authors wanting a little book platform to get their stories out into the world. As the Our Little Books’ Publishing Consultant, Candace mentors authors from initial idea to finished product and every step in between. Learn more at Our Little Books

Besides being a devotee of personal development, Candace is an avid reader, writer, and tennis player. But her real passion is capturing and banding raptors during migration season.

AE_SwordHeadshot_LrgAnn M. Evanston MA is a “Chief Breakthrough Officer” teaching other Business Warriors how to slow down, and find the most unique part of their business that makes them stand out among the crowd. She has been named one of the top marketing consultants by, and takes pride in moving you from “blah, blah, blah” to “BOOM, BOOM. BOOM!”

Self employed since 1997, she knows what it takes to do more than just survive as a small business owner. Now she transforms her clients to attract more than a community, they find real business results, a compelling voice, and actually make more money. Learn more about building a Bad-Assery business at Warrior-Preneur

She and her husband love their 9000 square foot high density urban garden in Richmond CA, and love date night every Thursday.