Sunset and SailboatStress is being out of alignment, balance, circulation by not honoring or expressing your true nature, divine purpose and innate creativity, a condition that leads to disorder and dis-ease in body, mind and spirit; and is reflected in your external environment. ~ Harriet Tubman Wright

  • Stress is at an all-time high
  • Work and money are the two top stressors for over 75% of Americans
  • Chronic stress threatens our health & well-being, contributing to heart attacks, strokes and diabetes, while healthcare costs are skyrocketing!

How would you rate yourself on a stress scale?

___ burnout

___ barely coping

___ balanced

___ other, ________________________


If you feel burnout, barely coping or overwhelmed, may I offer 3 simple solutions?

  1. Make releasing stress, creating serenity a priority.
  2. Learn to transform your relationship with money.
  3. Schedule quality time to create, play and have fun.

Imagine if you were making self-care & pampering practices a priority, prospering while serving others, functioning from a place of balance, peace and joy, and soaring in your personal and professional life. Stress would no longer be a threat to your overall health and well-being.

One of my goals is to help mature women entrepreneurs, executives and managers transform stress and struggle to freedom and fulfillment so you prosper standing in your greatness, sharing your unique brilliance to heal and empower those you serve.

  1. To be your brilliant self requires that you manage stress effectively. Here are three practical tips:
  2. Make releasing stress, creating serenity a priority by exercising on a regular basis. Cardio workouts and mind-body exercises like hatha yoga release tension from the body.
  3. Transform your relationship with money by paying attention to it; track expenses and revenues daily.

Schedule quality time to create, play and have fun. Rent a funny movie to watch at home; participate in Girls Night Out at a local comedy club.

Remember what Ethel Roskies says, “A pleasure a day keeps stress away.”

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“Everyday brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.” ~ Joan Borysenko