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Yes We Can: Take Healthy Back & Take Charge of your Financial Future.

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business?

What would an extra $500 – $1000+/month do for you and your family?

Come learn about a 50 year old business that’s helping people get healthy with more plants and take charge of their financial future as well. This is a tried a proven system that will help you and your family stay well, grow your own food and inspire healthy living in your community. In an unusual job market such as now, this health company is helping to put more money in your pocket as you help families stay well.

I’ll show you a way and teach you to how by our next international conference in the area mid month.


1. RSVP to Erika@ErikaGimbel.com or on this NextDoor: https://nextdoor.com/events/1715361/

2. Please PARK on Penniman Avenue and walk down to END of cul-de-sac: 4117 Penniman Court, Unit F.


*We love Parents with Purpose who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

*Milennials and Gen Y’ers who want to look good, feel good and have a fun, team approach to work that has meaning and purpose and builds transferable skills. *You have desire and are coachable.

*Those who are yearn for something different than their JOB, 9am-5pm, 40 hour work week.

*Open to a paradigm shift in how you see your work and life purpose entwined together. If you can’t make this meeting and are interested please do contact Erika with your interest.

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