Pam Whitman

Speaking and Performance Coach – Speakng Fearlessly, Aging Fearlessly, Living Fearlessly Transition Point
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Pam Whitman, M.A., is an entertaining, interactive and dynamic coach, international speaker and performer. Transition Point, her company, encompasses developing lasting changes in fundamental abilities, creating order and balance, releasing fears and moving beyond obstacles. It’s how to grow and thrive in our lives with ease and grace.  She brings to you the power of expression, flow and presence and essence of “The Secret.” It’s keeping our optimal performance in for our business and relationships.

She created Speaking Fearlessly to help transform speaking fear and over-thinking presentations into communicating with ease, confidence and authenticity that brings success. Knowing that we learn best through pleasure, combined with her Brain Booster™ techniques, Pam expertly unmasks and nurtures the natural way to establish a warm connection to any audience, individual and through video.

“I was just amazed at the positive changes Pam helped me make in my video presentation,” says Valeri. “Pam videotaped my presentation and then shared some incredible tips for improvement. I was able to see myself on camera and make changes immediately. It was painless and actually quite fun. Pam does a great job.”

Aging Fearlessly – Pam’s continued determination to provide a balanced approach to mind, body and soul lead her to Jeunesse, a leader in anti-aging and passionate about developing cutting-edge skin care and supplment solutions while giving back to underprivileged children worldwide and providing unprecedented opportunities for distributors. Join our team.

Pam works with entrepreneurs, professional communicators, business owners, women and men including community leaders, moms, holistic practitioners, performers, students, and virtually ANYONE who must communicate effectively with one person or a roomful of people. For the last 20 years she has worked with hundreds of people bringing out their brilliance, self-confidence, and passion. Through powerful and simple strategies, clients develop compelling elevator speeches, video scripts, presentations, and trainings. Please visit Speaking-Fearlessly to attend one of her events.

Pam is also the creator of the “Better Balance and Brain Circuitry” dvd and a former director on the Brain Gym® International Foundation Board. She combines her expertise and experience in working with and training hundreds of people in her specialized Brain Booster movement program. She is a licensed Brain Gym® Instructor and Consultant providing private sessions and coaching. Pam presents and designs training programs to schools, educational and healthcare professionals. She uses movement therapy with ADD, delayed development, Autism, Aspergers, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and head injury individuals.

Please visit her web site, Transition Point.