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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Peaceful Thoughts Therapy
Work 2929 Summit St. Suite 103 Oakland CA 94609 United States Cell Phone: 510-250-3091 Website:


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Mpho Perras is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Owner of Peaceful Thoughts Therapy in Oakland, California.  She has a passion for working with successful women, who are dealing with depression and anxiety. Mpho helps her clients address possible causes of mental health issues including self-esteem, trauma, grief/loss, stress, life transitions and discrimination. Mpho offers a safe place for women to reveal their private thoughts and feelings, conquer self-doubt, overcome self-criticism, recognize their inner worth and discover their authentic self.  Mpho recently authored “Peaceful Thoughts Journal for the Working Woman”.  The  journal is a place for the working woman to write down her innermost thoughts and feelings without judgment, with the hope that once her feelings are on paper, she can begin her journey towards inner peace. It contains prompts and self-care tips. It can be found on Amazon.

Services Include:

Individual Psychotherapy
Couples Therapy (committed, premarital and marriage counseling)

Mpho is a native of the Bay Area. In her free time she enjoys traveling, Zumba, and spending time with her husband and two daughters.

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2929 Summit St. Suite 103 Oakland CA 94609 United States