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Michele Duffy created the professional Feng Shui sessions @Canyon Ranch and gave weekly classes on Real Estate Feng Shui, Relationship Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology for guests @THE RANCH. For over 16 years she has shared her heart-centered Feng Shui insights, guidance, to help create SPACE AS MEDICINE Feng Shui for residential and commercial clients. 5 Elements Design, color, lighting & art, Space Clearings & Blessings, are just a few of her specialties.

Michele has thoughtfully collaborated for years with her clients to address a wide range of environmental issues, to create residential dwellings and offices that are sanctuaries of vitality, calm, peace, rejuvenation, happiness and abundance.

Michele’s Annual “EMPOWERMENT Chart Sessions” reveal individual TIMING insights and personalized strategies to gain deeper knowledge of her clients Feng Shui needs, and for the benefit and support of the clients unique life journey.

Currently residing in northern California, Michele is so honored to share her intuitive and professional gifts with local BAY AREA clients for their on-site Residential, Business, 5 Elements Color, Design, & Art requirements, as well as supporting national clients by SKPYE. Shamanistic ceremonial Space Clearings & Environmental Alignment Blessings are offered to connect clients energetically to their environments. Michele is available to give talks, lectures, write and teach, and she is also available for transformative corporate workshops and seminars.

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177 Moraga Way Orinda CALIFORNIA (CA) 94563 USA