Maile Collmer

Franchise Owner Referral Institute Contra Costa
Cell Phone: 925-366-3823


Photo of Maile Collmer

Maile Collmer started “working her network” when she was six years old to be the top Camp Fire candy sales girl in the state of Hawaii. After college Maile sold real estate with her mom for 15 years. 82% of their business came from their networking and referral marketing efforts.
Today, Maile Collmer is internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on networking and referral marketing. By combining her years of experience in sales, marketing, negotiation, networking, and speaking, Maile provides a comprehensive referral marketing strategy for her clients. As a referral marketing consultant, she dramatically increases her clients’ profits by strategically increasing the number and quality of the referrals they receive. With her Referrals For Life® community of like-minded, successful entrepreneurs, she is driven to help people work less, play more, and earn more money while spending more time with people they like! By building a network of strategic referral relationships that take them to the next level in their business, Maile’s clients experience a richer life through quality relationships both business and personal.
When Maile is not networking, she enjoys playing golf, wine tasting, dancing, and travel. She is a fan of football and baseball and especially loves her UCLA Bruins! Actually, she frequently combines these fun activities with networking. Because, for Maile, networking and referrals are a way of life!