Amanda Alice Keith

Reverse Mortgage/HECM Advisor Retirement Funding SolutionsReverse Mortgage
Work 900 Larkspur Landing Circle, Ste 240 Larkspur CA 94939 Cell Phone: 415-747-5668


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As a homeowner (62 or over) of a single family residence, 1-4 unit building or an FHA approved condo, you can convert a portion of your home equity into non-taxable, non-recourse cash, retain title and continue to live in your home. FHA-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) loans were created for the benefit of senior homeowners. Avoid spending down savings and portfolio investments. Let a HECM work to preserve cash, eliminate monthly mortgage payments and supplement retirement income, help fund in-home care, pay for home modifications or repairs, or just about anything.

To help you learn more about HECM’s (Reverse Mortgages), I am happy to visit with you individually and educate your staff at your convenience. My goal is to fully educate you and your advisors so that you can make an informed and wise choice.

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900 Larkspur Landing Circle, Ste 240 Larkspur CA 94939