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Adriana Díaz, MA: I am a Certified Professional Coach with training at both the Coaches Training Institute and Coaching for Transformation. I bring a rich background of experiences and education to life and leadership coaching. I’m a bi-lingual (Spanish-speaking) California native, an author, educator, and exhibiting artist. As an educator I have guided hundreds of courageous adults through the adventure of personal creativity, while my seminars explored the roles of creativity and spirituality in personal life, business organizations, politics and culture. In the coaching process I open my clients to creative perspectives and new possibilities. Working with leaders navigating the course of an organization, we work to maintain the delicate balancing act of holding together the passions and commitments of staff and board members. Leaders put their whole heart into their work, so I bring my heart to them, too, guiding and partnering to work within the structure of their organization while accomplishing their vision and most dynamic future for everyone. In organization coaching, as in individual life coaching, I advocate for the client’s health and well being especially at times when stress can take a toll personally and professionally. Together we get through the rough spots as well as the celebrations, and we always spend time imagining the future.


Adriana has been coaching in the Bay Area since 1999. Aside from private clients she coaches for LeaderSpring, Compass Point, and the Gap Foundation. She is also a founding member of Prism Coaching, a consortium of coaches of color devoted to the practice of cultural awareness in the coaching profession.

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