Stress is a normal part of entrepreneurship, especially for women who are also balancing the demands of family and volunteer or community activities. Yet we don’t have to let stress debilitate us. We can implement effective BodyMindSprit Self-Care Practices so that we manage our time and talents with greater ease and joy, plus serve our families, clients and communities from a place of wholeness, balance and joy.

Developing a creative, courageous and confident mindset is essential coupled with relationship-building tools, sound business practices, and sales and marketing strategies to succeed serving your ideal clients and generating revenue.

It’s difficult to change your mindset overnight or sustain new ways of thinking without reinforcement or support. Consistency and community helps. If you’re ready to release stress, pressure and overwhelm, so that you can be and do your best in service to your clients, customers and community, join us in the next BodyMindSpirit Self-Care Practices Healing Circle and Mastermind to receive practical support, resources and tools to enhance your health and well-being.

The BodyMindSpirit Self-Care Practices Healing Circle and Mastermind is a 7-week webinar that begins on Tuesday, April 8. The Preview Call is Tuesday, April 1.

As a result of consistently implementing BodyMindSpirit Self-Care Practices:

  • Feel positive shifts in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Be more aware of and alert about stress triggers
  • Respond to stress more consciously, compassionately and calmly
  • Experience more balance between activity and rest, work and play
  • Create a home & workplace environment that is more orderly and harmonious
  • Feel overall greater balance, serenity and peace

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Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA is a Phenomenal Life Empowerment Coach, Speaker Author, and Director of The Wright Resort, A BodyMindSpirit Wellness Center, through which she empowers you to enrich your life. She helps mature women entrepreneurs and managers unleash their true essence and unique brilliance so they become vibrant, passionate, prosperous leaders, transforming the lives of those they serve. Learn more: