Why Join

When 6 self-made business women formed an organization allowing women to follow their entrepreneurial dreams, they created a collective support group driven with the same purpose…to be successful. Women dedicated to their vision attend the East Bay Women’s Network monthly luncheons and events to empower themselves and be surrounded by knowledgeable and vibrant professionals.

By joining EBWN you gain value through:

  • Support from dynamic businesswomen.
  • Leadership Opportunities and volunteer opportunities.
  • Website listing including photo and profile.
  • Low membership fees.
  • Business spotlight opportunities.
  • Vendor Opportunity.
  • Exposure on social media – Face book, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Networking and business promotion at monthly meetings which are varied including member presentations, guest speakers, special events, success meetings, education and training.
  • Ability to showcase at business events.
  • Five Minutes of Fame. Talk about your business at a meeting!
  • Access to Monthly newsletter.
  • Support from Website Administrator and Administration Team.
  • Organized and Credible Network since 1997.

As a member of East Bay Women’s Network you are among the peers and leaders that encourage your success. Join now and feel your power soar and your vision come to life.

EBWN Annual Membership

To join East Bay Women’s Network, complete the form below. Please save your username and password. You will need them to log in to the site. All communication will be sent to the email address you provide. Please Note: the email address is associated with your account. If you lose or need to change your password, an email will be sent to the email address you provided.

To renew your membership with East Bay Women’s Network, log in first.

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