Releasing Stress, Creating Serenity BookHealthy Boundaries are thoughts, words and actions grounded in self-care practices. When we make self-care a priority; that is a mindset of, “I love myself enough to take care of myself first.” it’s easier to establish healthy boundaries.

Self-care is essential because when we’re feeling overwhelmed or over-extended, it helps minimize undue stress, potential burnout or illness.

Self-care prepares us to serve and support others, such as family, colleagues and clients from a wellspring of vitality and vigor.

Self-care positions us to recharge our batteries so that refreshed and renewed, we can fully share our gifts.

5 Principles of Healthy Boundaries

  1. Maintain alignment, balance and circulation in BodyMindSpirit through regular exercise, sound nutrition and proper rest.
  2. Ensure that your external environment supports healthy boundaries by avoiding clutter and maintaining order and organization.
  3. Take regular refresh breaks away from your computer to move your body, breathe fresh air outdoors and get a different perspective. You’ll be more clear-headed and more productive when you take refresh breaks to renew yourself.
  4. Learn when and how to say, “No”, “No thank you” or “No, not at this time” without guilt, shame or apology.
  5. Know what you’re responsible for, what’s yours to do and stay in your lane. Avoid trying to do or control what is NOT your responsibility, job or task.

For some, this may feel or sound harsh.  However, when we take care of ourselves first and model healthy boundaries, we’re better aligned, balanced, and focused, enabling us to serve and share our gifts from a spirit of optimal health and well-being.

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