We celebrate National Girlfriends Day this month! August 1st is the official designation. Did you miss it? I believe every day is an opportunity to celebrate my girlfriends.

“Friendship redeems. It pulls broken parts together and offers healing.” —Luci Shaw

Friendship as a healing tool may be too far out there for some of you. These days I do live in California, but my roots are solidly Midwestern, so this is not a signal that I have gone off the deep end. We all need somebody to listen to our hopes and dreams, encourage us when things don’t work out as planned, and celebrate with us when those pipe dreams explode into successful gushers.

Your friends are those special people who have come into your life through school, church, work, volunteer situations, community organizations, with whom we share common interests or geography and nurture relationships.

Our grandmothers exchanged news over the clothesline, backyard fence or on the party telephone line. Today, social media uses “friend” as a term to indicate engagement…but the connection may be weak, perhaps even superficial. It’s up to you and me to develop a relationship with those who seek to “friend” us by helping them get to know us through our status updates and blog posts. Sharing our triumphant parts along with our broken parts helps our new friends learn about us…how we are different…and the same.  

Friends need friends to support, uplift and celebrate the divergent yet similar paths we travel alone and together. This common path. This sacred path. This path called life.

Hop over to my Facebook page and share what you think of this “friends” thing. On Facebook, we have the opportunity to extend this friendship thing farther than anything Grandma could have imagined.

Oh, the stories we will tell our grandchildren about the world of their ancestors.

Photo credit:  Dreamstime.com