Wednesday, July 10, 2019, 11:15 Grandview Pavilion, Alameda

“Don’t let stress rob you of your best life!” asserts Pat McHenry Sullivan, author of How to Be a Genius at Stress Release and the forthcoming Reclaim the Natural Genius of You, Me and Albert Einstein. “Neuroscience research now shows that dealing creatively with stress can actually be a catalyst to increased happiness, confidence, better health, and efficiency.”

During EBWN’s July 10 meeting, Pat will demonstrate to members and guests how to:

  • Notice and release stress, before it can harm you
  • Learn to work mindfully and gracefully with stress so you can more easily solve crises and everyday challenges
  • Use innovative and ancient practices to generate more wisdom, efficiency, meaning and satisfaction in any situation

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About The Speaker

Ms. Sullivan, who has taught effective body-mind-spirit stress release practices to members of the California State Bar and to employees of hospitals and law firms, created new breakthrough practices in the late 1990’s when her husband was out of work; three relatives on the East Coast were fatally ill; her cat had kidney failure; and she had to be efficient in a job she didn’t love to survive her employer’s three rounds of downsizing. She did this so well that even when she worked overtime to pay for cross-country flights so she could be with ill family members, often she finished her day with energy to spare for herself, her husband and her creative dreams.

Pat’s M.A. in spirituality and psychology from Holy Names University focused on how people either develop, distort or repress their creative and visionary potentials. She is the author of over a hundred articles on stress release, creativity and satisfying work for journals of the American Bar Association, Workforce Management Magazine, and other media.

Her “Vision and Values” column for the San Francisco Chronicle led to an offer to write the book Work with Meaning, Work with Joy: Bringing Your Spirit to Any Job. Management expert Stewart Levine, author of Collaboration 2.0 and other books, writes, “Pat Sullivan asks you to engage in a deep inquiry that can lead to profound possibilities. … If you are unhappy at work, read this book!”


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