We are happy with the look and functionality of our new website. To help members and guests navigate and/or add content to the site, two areas were created that will hopefully answer many of your questions and concerns. The goal of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and How to Videos pages is to anticipate many of the questions and concerns our members and guests might have about registering, membership and adding content to the EBWN website. All the questions and videos aim to (hopefully) answer your commonly asked questions pertaining to the following topics:

  • Membership
  • Registration
  • Content Contribution

We hope the FAQs and How to Videos will provide much needed guidance to members and guests. We believe the functionality of the site is much improved. For example, guests no longer have to log in to purchase tickets and guests and members may purchase multiple tickets at one time. We believe purchasing tickets for guests is easy to do. However, if you have questions or concerns about how to register as a guest, we hope you will seek answers in FAQs. Or if you are a member and want to contribute content (blog or announcement) to the site, we believe that process is much improved. Yet, to help members make use of the various forms that allow them to add content to the member blog or member announcement, we have created a series of videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The aim of the FAQs to help you find answers quickly and easily. You can find a link to FAQs in the footer (the large grey area at the bottom of the page) under Recent Post, in the second column or in the sidebar on the Profile page. We plan to keep this section updated and edited with the most accurate information possible. However, you can help! If you have a question and cannot find the answer in the frequently asked questions page, please email us your question via the Contact form (select Feedback). More than likely others may have the same question as a result you help yourself and others.

How to Videos

The How to Videos were developed largely to encourage members to take full advantage of the online membership benefits. Now, members can add/edit their blog content, add/edit and delete announcements, create/edit their member directory entry. We hope members will add all types of content including: how-to, reviews, tips, interviews, recommendations, infographics, slideshows, videos, announcements and more.

At this time, the videos are for members only. Members can find the link to the videos on the Profile page in the right side bar. Hover over the Log in link in the main menu and select Profile.

Further, if you have questions, please use the contact form. Select the area of interest from the drop down menu under “How Can We Help You.” You can submit questions in the following areas of interest:

  • Kudos
  • Membership
  • RSVP – Event Registration
  • Feedback
  • Contact
  • Site Feedback

Your comments and questions are valuable sources of information that will inspire us to find ways to better serve our members and guests. As a result, we have done our best to verify the answers to questions and provide precise instructions in our videos. Please let us know if something is not working accurately or if an answer is incorrect.

Lastly, we know there may be a number of questions initially as this site is new to everyone, however, while your questions and comments are important to us, we hope you will take time to review FAQs and the videos before submitting a question.