“Women of every color, ethnicity, spiritual, cultural, educational and economic background throughout the world are evolving as leaders, visionaries and change agents to restore balance, peace, and justice to heal humanity and the world.” — Harriet Tubman Wright

As a result of the current political climate, particularly in the U.S.; breakdowns in every sector of society; discord at the highest levels of governance; and dysfunction within many of our institutions and systems; women are stepping up to co-create positive change.

We see rising numbers of women seeking/winning elected positions at the local, state and national level. We also see more women at the helm of established corporations and leading-edge companies. Furthermore, we see more women activists co-leading movements to foster radical transformation within local communities, our country, and the world.

What is unique, special and effective about women in leadership at this time? Essentially, new paradigms of leadership, engagement and community are evolving, based on women’s innate divine feminine qualities of birthing, tending, nurturing, cultivating and co-creating.

  • As an entrepreneur or career professional, how are you showing up in these times of potent transformation?
  • In what ways are your contributing your skills and talents to support positive change?
  • What is the specific Call-to-Action that requires you to raise your voice and visibility?

We can look to several women of influence, power and leadership locally and nationally; revolutionary women of courage, wisdom, faith and talent who are changing the world one business, organization, community, or movement at a time. I invite you to step up, join in and co-create the life-affirming change we seek for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. Our present and future depend on it!

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Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA
Coach, Speaker, Author, Change Agent & Metaphysician