A Workshop for Men and Women presented by Fawn Gilmore Kraut, Relationship Coach for Single Professional Women hosted by Kenya Moses, Founder & President of Be A Fit Mama, Inc and Inspired Well-Being.

Cracking the Code on Attracting Your One True Love is a highly interactive workshop designed for those men and women who are serious about finding their ultimate life partner, that soul-mate, and one-true-love, who inspires you to throw away your single’s card forever.

Mother Teresa, of all people, said simply “We have been created in order to love and to be loved.” So, why does it seem so easy for some and challenging for others?

What does it take to attract AND KEEP that one special person?

On this magical morning, you will experience deep insights into what’s holding you back, and WHAT you can do about it NOW!

  • Get clear about what men and women truly want in an ideal lover. This might surprise you!
  • Identify what’s blocking YOUR man or woman from showing up.
  • Discover Fawn’s #1 secret to attracting that one person who will be your ideal passionate devoted lover.
  • Find out how to break free from self-defeating relationship patterns, some you may not even be aware of.
  • Women, learn how to radiate your unique beauty so brightly into the world that amazing men will move mountains to be at your side.
  • Men, learn how to show up in your strength and confidence that will have the woman of your dreams swoon for you.
  • Enjoy local wine, gourmet cheese, and delicious dark chocolate to aid in your discoveries!

Is this for you?

Yes, if you are a single professional man or woman who longs to meet your ultimate life partner and are fed up with being invisible to the man or woman who will love, respect and cherish you.

What people are saying about this workshop:

“My favorite part of the evening was when I realized this was not fluff!! … It confirmed for me WHY I attract the same scenario over and over again.” – K, 44

“Now I will “look for what I want, not for what I have been settling for!” – S, 55

“I discovered that “other people have similar past experiences with relationships. I have a fresh perspective on approaching life – I am not alone.” – J, 22

“The most valuable part of the evening was “listening to Fawn provide ‘new’ ideas about finding love. I discovered there might be hope to find a new soul mate.” – M, 50

FAQs Is there an age limit to enter the event?

This event is for single professional men and women (of any age). If you’re in a new relationship, that’s cool too. If you’re married or are in a happily committed relationship already, than this workshop is not for you.

RSVP NOW! Early bird special ticket pricing is $10 until December 2nd. Regular ticket pricing will be $15 in advance after the 2nd and $20 at the door and day of event. http://bit.ly/1GPyqhD