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EBWN Board: We Are Here To Serve You

In 2018, EBWN is a thriving networking organization for women in business; we motivate, inform, educate and have fun! We have a diverse membership of 200 women, many of whom volunteer to keep the organization strong and moving forward. We give time and raise money to support our community service partners. We offer our members connection with dynamic like-minded business women and the opportunity to grow their businesses in a supportive, nurturing environment.

A diverse group of business and professional women who educate and mentor one another, creating strategic alliances for success, in a fun and empowering environment.
Networking is essential for business owners. Here, you can contact East Bay Women’s Network Board members. If you have a question about EBWN feel free to contact us. The larger the network, the more beneficial it is to you and everyone else. The following contacts have been provided to help you contact the areas of EBWN in which you may be most interested.
In 1990, six dynamic self-made entrepreneurs lead by Pat Smurthway managed the exhausting and exhilarating process of creating the East Bay Women’s Network (EBWN) organization. These women wanted to create a unique environment where professional women could be inspired, educated and could easily cultivate and grow their small businesses. Modeling this organization like a startup company, they began with strategy sessions, developed leadership roles, created a board, and generated a network of affiliates through their local Chamber of Commerce to attract members.

At that point, EBWN could begin to see their hard work come to fruition. These wonderful women and their small group began meeting at Strizzi’s in San Leandro with the members taking turns holding their board meetings in their homes. With each inviting 3 to 5 potential members, they had the same goal in mind, which was to solicit members that had the same desire of empowerment as well as to find mentors, networking, and resources to grow their own businesses. The meetings were designed for presentations, speakers, showcasing their entrepreneurial dreams, and fun. EBWN doubled in size in 1995, when Meg Connell, Vesta Stump, and Susan Askin appropriately named “The Marketing Goddesses”, created the systems and backbone of what we currently know as EBWN.

From 1995 until 2001, they became members of the San Leandro, Castro Valley, and Hayward Chamber of Commerce. They hosted their meetings and events at not only Strizzi’s but also the Englander. Then in 2001, we saw the nation’s startups bubble burst and membership experienced a slow growth. In 2008, the nation gained some economical ground and EBWN moved to Alameda, where they found a partnership with the Grand Pavilion, and became members of the Alameda Chamber of Commerce.

With their Alameda home base established, EBWN was 60 members strong and their membership continues to grow inviting professional women and the entrepreneurial spirit to climb to new heights. Their dreams continue as they support their members by assisting them in navigating through the business world. These dynamic women still encourage members to bring a guest, network, highlight themselves, seek out innovative, motivational speakers, mentor businesswomen, and most importantly “HAVE FUN”.

Want to have a say in the future of this amazing organization?  Want greater visibility? Want to be involved? Please consider joining the EBWN Board. You must be a member in good standing, able to correspond via email and attend meetings at 10am just prior to the regular meeting.

The benefits of being on the Board include: more exposure for you and your business, the opportunity to express your leadership skills and participation in decisions affecting our organization, an opportunity to get to know members in more depth, and a 50% discount on the yearly membership fee! Interested?

Elections are held for the East Bay Women’s Network Board every February. Nominations begin in December with the new Board taking office in March.

Meet the EBWN Officers and Leadership Team

Allison Rodman, President

Sandra Pilon, Vice-President

Marketing Team

Tumikia Watu-Khuthaza
Dale Marie Golden VP of Bridge Bank and VP of EBWN

Tumika Watu-khuthaza, Secretary and Website Designer

Talia Dashow, Website Event Updater

Dale Marie Golden – Ambassador

Membership and Registration

Sylvia Montgomery

Erika Gimbel, Membership Co-Chair

Judy Ho, Membership Co-Chair

Sylvia Montgomery – Registration

Our Happy Members