Developing a greater level of strategic influence by encouraging the rest of your organization to do the same, it can make all the difference. Most influencers have a unique ability to make the person they’re talking with feel special. Influence is about communicating ideas and assisting in making them work. For most influential people, public speaking is the best way to do that.

As Steve Jobs once said, “People with passion can change the world.” The influencers we know all have passion about their interests. Influence has nothing to do with the number of people you know. In other words, strategic influence is not a measure of your popularity but of your Integrity, credibility, your authority, your reputation, and your ability to motivate and inspire others.

  1. The first step in growing your strategic influence is to make time for it, which is not easy. Building relationships and cultivating networks is an important activity, but usually not one that people tend to prioritize.
  2. Think strategically about whom you’d like to develop stronger ties with and why. Consider what their concerns and priorities might be, and where you have common ground, a shared interest, or the opportunity to help each other.
  3. Devote time each day, to make phone call, sending a friendly email, or having one on one time with colleagues that you don’t talk to very often can make a huge difference.|
  4. Attend conferences, meetings of professional associations, or other events with an eye toward making contacts that can progress to strong relationships and ultimately to an expanded sphere of influence.
  5. Serving others opens doors to powerful business and personal relationships.

Ready, Set, Grow!