There’s no doubt that time is accelerating! It’s hard to believe that we’re a few days away from the New Year!

  • How are you celebrating your wins, breakthroughs and accomplishments?
  • Are there projects you want to wrap up or bring to viable closure?
  • With what challenges are you still wrestling?
  • In what specific ways do you want the New Year to be different or better?

It’s not too early or late to put conscious time and focus on intentions and priorities for the New Year. You can establish your intentions and priorities from potent perspectives and proven strategies that get you focused, energized and ready!

One way that I like to begin with any new idea or project is by Visioning. The form of Visioning that I use was developed by Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith and is popular among New Thought Spiritual Centers and other metaphysical traditions.  It’s an intuitive process in which you establish the focus for which you want clarity, then respond to a series of prompts by listening. Listening with an open heart takes you beneath the surface, so that what emerges or reveals itself comes from your heart and soul, rather than your intellect or ego.  It can be refreshing and surprising what emerges when we tune inward and simply listen.

A second approach is to look at your overall 5, 10 or 20 year plan or goal. Then view the upcoming New Year in terms of how your new intentions and priorities align with or deviate from how you’re designing your life, business or career.  This perspective or approach becomes a helpful measurement tool for the long-term.

Yet another method is to assess the current year; what was accomplished, what you could shift to work on in the new year, then add what you want to do that builds on the current year, takes you deeper or higher, or moves you in an entirely new direction.

Regardless of your approach, the key to conscious planning is to tap into your innermost dreams and desires, your true purpose and passion. When you’re clear about the things that excite and energize you, you’re on a path that you’ll enjoy being on, and therefore continue pursuing with vigor and enthusiasm. You’re on a path of freedom and fulfillment, possibility and prosperity!

Join us for Evolve Your Intentions, Live Your Purpose on Friday, January 3, 2014 from 10am – Noon.

This is a complimentary tele-session that helps you tap into your heart and soul to:

  • Vision into the Big Possibility Picture
  • Develop you 2014 Success Blueprint
  • Formulate 3 BodyMindSpirit Priorities

Contact me at: For call-in details and handouts. 2014 is almost here. Let’s be ready!

“Our future is not merely something that happens to us but something that we participate in creating. If we do it consciously, we can create a world that works.” ~Dr. Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson